Philanthropy. Easily.

1-1-1 Philanthropy Model

TheDesignerApp is devoting its 1% Time; 1% Projects; and 1% Equity in helping future non-profit organization partners to meet their goals in making an essential social global impact to make our world a better place.

- 1 % Time. We support giving back to our community and therefore encourage and help our employees devote time in volunteerism.

- 1% Projects. We donate products and/or services that are essential to help our nonprofit organization partners enable them in their operations and help them grow.

- 1% Equity. Doing good to our community not only requires time and effort but also financial resources, and that is why we do our very best in providing monetary assistance to our non-profit organization partners to help them succeed.

We are confident that our mission, principles and culture will keep guiding and motivating us to help better our communities where we work at and live in.


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